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Terms of Use

We are Explore Global Ltd., a corporation incorporated in UK, and E G L Travel and Tourism LLC, a corporation incorporated in UAE, operating through our brand EGL.TRAVEL explain the terms of use of the services offered in EGL.TRAVEL.
Please read these terms of use before using the services of EGL.TRAVEL. These terms list important information about the user’s rights and obligations. If you do not agree with all of these legal terms, then you are prohibited from using the services of EGL.TRAVEL. For any queries related to our terms of use, please reach out to

1. Bookings

Bookings can be made through the following:

a) Online – via website

b) Offline – via email (for those properties or services not found on the website)

  • Bookings should be made only for genuine reservations. We reserve the right to cancel bookings which appear to have been made to block or hold spaces.
  • It is your responsibility to check all special conditions of the bookings.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all information in the bookings is correct.
  • You will be liable for any charges incurred due to incorrect information given on the booking.
  • Vouchers should be issued and given to the traveller at all times. Any voucher manually issued from your side will be your responsibility. Explore Global should be notified prior to arrival if travellers are not carrying any voucher otherwise, Explore Global will not be responsible for any inconvenience/ charges caused to the travellers because of not having the voucher.
  • All booking cancellations are subject to the cancellation conditions of the booking.
  • All booking amendments are subjected to the amendment policy stated on the booking, if there is any. Otherwise, it will follow the same deadlines & charges of the cancellation condition.
  • Any requests such as early check in, late check-out, high floors, adjoining, interconnecting, non-smoking and others alike will be requested to the hotel but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Bedding type should be requested at the time of booking and is subject to hotel’s availability.
  • If a triple room is booked, the extra bed provided by the hotel is commonly a roll-away bed.
  • It is your responsibility to add users under your account and to monitor all their bookings. You will be responsible for all payments due on such bookings.
  • On the occasion where the hotel is under renovation, all possible steps will be taken to limit disruptions to the guests. If the hotel is carrying out renovation while guests are in-house, this will not entitle you to any refunds.
  • If your guests are arriving late, it is your responsibility to inform us via remarks, email or contact the emergency number for last minute changes, so we can advise the hotel to hold the rooms. Hotels may release the rooms after midnight on the day of arrival if late check-in is not advised.
  • Double/duplicate bookings may result in both bookings being charged.
  • Most hotels request for a credit card/cash to be given at the time of check in as guarantee for any extras which they will refund upon check out. EGL.TRAVEL is not responsible for the extras incurred by the guests.
  • Extra person charge: For some hotels, for any extra person booked, there may be a separate charge payable to the Hotel directly by the guest at the time of check in.
  • If the booking is made on triple occupancy, providing extra bed is always subject to hotel’s policy.
  • Booking should be searched with the correct nationality to get the valid rates and offers. In case, the guest is residing in another country, then the country of residence is to be denoted as nationality. In case of wrong residency or nationality selected by the user at the time of booking, supplement charges may be applicable and need to be paid directly to the hotel by guest on check in/check out. Similarly, if the lead guest nationality is different from the accompanied guests, hotel may apply supplement charges. For more details you can reach out to our operation Team for clarification.
  • The Information on EGL.Travel portal regarding the hotel Star Rating, Amenities or individual hotel policies are provided for easy reference. However, it is always recommended to cross check the latest information on the hotel website before making the booking. The information in EGL.TRAVEL portal is provided by third party suppliers or hotel and EGL.Travel is not responsible or liable for any errors or omissions.
  • We include all the government applicable taxes in the booking which are specified by hotel or supplier, however There may be certain taxes or fee that is specific to a destination, which may need to be paid by the guest directly at the hotel.
  • In the situation where there is any change in the structure of taxes from the government of the destination after the booking is made, which results in higher taxes, it must be paid by the guest. The changes may happen without prior notice however would be applicable as per the law of the local authorities.

2. On Request Reservations

The hotels with “REQUEST” button and bookings with On Request Processing status means that the hotel does not have any available allotment, however EGL.TRAVEL will contact the hotel to request extra space. Kindly be informed that on very rare occasions, the availability at the hotel might change until the time you complete your booking and the final status might turn to On Request Processing. In these cases, please do not attempt to book the same hotel again. We will inform you if your booking has been confirmed or rejected.

If the hotel could be confirmed at a different rate, you will be advised. Please bear in mind that the confirmation may not be guaranteed and the hotels have the right to reject ON REQUEST bookings. If your accommodation request is urgent, it is suggested that you select a hotel with Instant confirmation. Depending upon when a new search is made on the Explore Global system, you may see the same hotel appearing again. This is because space may have become available although at different rates from when the initial request was made.

3. Rates

The rates or prices at the time of booking confirmation will always prevail and your invoices will be raised according to this.

Hotels may offer special walk-in rates from time to time according to their occupancy. On this occasion, we will not be entertaining any rate complaints if their published rate goes lower than EGL.TRAVEL rates.

Any amendment done on a booking confirmed on a special rate, minimum/long-stay promotions may incur rate change. This is also applicable to no-shows.

The rates shown in EGL.TRAVEL platform are nett rates and does not entitle any commission to the users.

4. Payments and invoices

For Prepayment Customers – All Prepayment bookings which fall within cancellation policy should be paid in full at the time of booking confirmation, failure to pay the full amount will result in non-confirmation of bookings.

Prepayment bookings which are outside the cancellation policy can be booked without any payment at the time of booking subject to the following conditions.

a) All prepayment bookings should be reconfirmed before the cancellation deadline otherwise booking will be automatically cancelled.
b) Payment should be received before the cancellation policy is applied.

For Credit booking – All bookings’ Proforma invoices will be issued on the booking’s creation date. Tax invoices will be raised on the check in date. Payment is due as per the number of days specified in your Agency Agreement. Credit policy and payment terms may vary between clients and the terms will be specified in the credit agreement.

Any invoice queries should be raised no later than 15days after the arrival date. We reserve the right to suspend/block your system access, cancel all future bookings and/or terminate the contract if payments are not made as per the agreed period or deadline.

5. Liability

Other than as is specified in this agreement EGL.TRAVEL is making no representations, undertakings or warranties to Client of any kind, and in particular (without limitation)

EGL.TRAVEL is making no representations, undertakings or warranties in relation to the EGL.TRAVEL Inventory including as to the description of the EGL.TRAVEL Inventory and availability of the EGL.TRAVEL Inventory and has no liability in relation to those matters;

Any information provided on the Website in relation to the EGL.TRAVEL Inventory is provided as general information and EGL.TRAVEL shall not be liable if any such information is incorrect or inaccurate in any respect;

EGL.TRAVEL is making no representations or warranties in relation to the Booking System and is not liable in any respect for any failure of the Booking System;

EGL.TRAVEL is not liable for any Loss or any kind arising directly or indirectly out of the action of any hotel, Transport Company or any other person providing services in the EGL.TRAVEL Inventory.

6. Child Policy

Child/children should always be added on the booking and/or EGL.TRAVEL should be informed prior to arrival date if there is/are any children coming with the parents. Hotels have different child policies & charges. Failure to do so may result in the guests being charged for the extra child/children or not being accommodated.

If meals are included on your booking, the property commonly provides meals for children aged 2 years old and below free of charge, children between 3-12 years old are commonly subject to extra meal charges, depending on the property.

For any transfers booking, if you are travelling with babies or infants, it is the responsibility of the guests to ensure they have the correct child/infant seat for use in the booked vehicle. Failure to do this could result in the service not taking place with no refund possible.

7. Group Bookings

EGL.TRAVEL is an FIT booking platform. Any reservation with more than 8 passengers or a collection of reservation, which we reasonably believe is part of the same group, will be considered as a group reservation. Hotels have different rate and cancellation policies for FIT and group reservations. In these cases, EGL.TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel these reservations with or without prior intimation or subject these reservations to group tariff and cancellation policies. We strongly recommend you to reach out to our sales and operations team before making such reservations. Please note the group policy may warry from hotel to hotel and hotel’s policy will surpass on general policy.

8. Transfers

All vehicles provided are based on 1 piece of medium-sized luggage per person. You must inform us beforehand if your guests are planning to carry a bigger or more than 1 luggage per person as we may need to arrange a larger vehicle for this, with an extra cost. Failure to inform us may result in the driver charging your guests directly for any extras incurred.

Waiting time for the driver is 15 minutes, guests need to be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes prior to the confirmed pick up time, if guests fail to show at the meeting point after 15 minutes, the driver will be released and service will be charged in full. For airport pickup, driver waiting time is 30 minutes after the flight has landed.

It is your responsibility to update the details of your transfer booking through the system in case of any changes; and inform us accordingly prior to the service date so we can advise our suppliers/drivers.

For any last-minute changes, please ask your clients to contact the emergency number given on the voucher.

9. Book Outs

In situations where a hotel is required to close due to reasons such as overbooking, system errors, government taking over the hotel/property for their use and other force majeure, EGL.TRAVEL will work along the hotel to find a suitable alternative accommodation for your guests. EGL.TRAVEL will try to offer alternatives of the same category and location, whenever possible. You will be invoiced as per the hotel already confirmed.

While we do our best to offer the closest matched alternative, however if the guest/end user is not happy with the multiple alternatives offered, we will offer to cancel the booking with full refund (If Applicable) of the original booking amount.

In scenarios where the suitable alternatives were offered and guest/end user have rejected the offered alternatives, EGL.Travel will only be liable & be limited to the full refund of the original booking amount and shall not be liable for any direct/indirect services availed by guest or end user.

10. Cancellation and Refund Policy

All the cancellations and refunds are governed by the cancellation policy that the user accepts at the time of booking. Each inventory has different cancellation policies that are shown prominently during the reservation flow. Depending upon the cancellation policy, a reservation may be non-refundable, partially refundable or fully refundable.

Cancellation request must be made by the user through their login. Only when the reservation is cancelled by the user, EGL.TRAVEL will act on refund, in accordance with the cancellation policy of the reservation.

Refund will be processed within 72 hours since we received the cancellation request. In case, EGL.TRAVEL has already made the payment to the service provider, then refund will be processed within 72 hours of EGL.TRAVEL receiving the refund from the service provider.

Any refund against a cancelled reservation will be processed and credited to the user’s mode of payment against the reservation. The time taken for the refund to reflect in the user’s account is also dependent on the mode of transaction.

In case of refunds back to credit card, it may take a further 7 to 21 working days for the refund to reflect at the user’s end. EGL.TRAVEL has no control towards banking process. If a reservation paid by credit card and no processing fee is charged, the EGL.TRAVEL reserves the rights to deduct the credit card processing charges from the total refund amount.

EGL.TRAVEL reserves the right to charge service fee on cancelled reservations.

11. Credit Card Chargeback

Only the company’s or the authorised person credit card must be used to make the booking. In case, the guest credit card is used, the name of the guest match with the name in the credit card. User is liable for any losses or damages arising due to use of fake or stolen credit cards or from any chargeback.

12. Complaints

Any booking complaints should be raised no later than 15 days after departure date.

All complaints should be supported with proof. Any unsupported complaints will not be entertained.

Guests should be aware of the meeting point stated on the voucher and call the emergency number written on the voucher if any issues at the time of check in or they cannot locate the driver at the meeting point.

13. Confidentiality

The Username and Password provided to you is for the sole use of your company’s staff to make reservations. The access details should not be shared with any third party. Similarly, the details of inventories and rates shown in the system and any agreements between the travel agency and EGL.TRAVEL should not be disclosed to any third party.

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